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Standardized Examination Preparation

Have you ever said, "I don't test well..."

I never said that until I took Step 1 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE.)

 I had to learn how to take a test, surprisingly a skill that is not taught in school at any level.

What happened after I learned how to take a test?

Here's my story...

I was able to go through all of medical school with Honors and High Pass Grades in all of my courses and
clinical rotations.  I memorized everything - at the time if you had asked me what the Dean's license-plates on
his car were I would have been able to tell you.  I have an almost eidetic memory.  I can tell you little
details about subjects I learned years ago.  I excel at patient-care and I can recall details
of anatomy and cell biology in relationship to physiology and pathology.  Surprisingly, I did not pass
the Step 1 after taking it several times (surprising to me for sure) because that particular test and
all standardized tests are not about memorization and direct question formats.  They are about conceptual second, third
and fourth order reasoning.  These sorts of exams are designed to drive the individual that memorizes crazy!
I found a tutor that helped me to learn how to take a test.  My confidence was still shot and I was so skeptical
that I failed the Step 1 exam once more by one point.  A single point from victory.  I was so angry at myself but I did not give up.
I turned around and practiced the concepts of taking an exam with 10,000 questions over a two-week period.  
This was referred to by the boards as a "quick turn around" or some such name.  I am not sure they even allow it anymore.
I managed to sit down and finally pass the Step 1 exam.  Then, eighteen (18) yes just two weeks and four days later I passed Step 2CK.  
Four months after that triumph I took and passed Step 3.  Yes, the two day intern exam, without an internship.

Passing a standardized examination depends upon several factors.

I will share what you need to do to get a correct answer a majority of the time. You will own the tools that will

increase your ability to pass an examination.  What test are you getting ready to take?

National Registry for BLS or ALS, MCAT, NCLEX, USMLE (Step 1, 2CK, 2CS, 3) or any other standardized exam...

Let me help you to absolutely crush whatever exam or board you are about to take.

(Keep in mind your location is relative as we can do any of this in person or via Skype.)

Hourly rates are generally between $45.00 to $65.00 - but I will discount based on your means and ability to pay.

Rates depend upon the breadth and length of the sessions scheduled with me in advance.

We can discuss the exact category of help you require and the terms by which I will help you.

Simply click here and I will help you pass your exam.