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Below are frequently asked questions.

Hey Dr. Jim, where the heck are you located? 

Ready Enterprises is located in the SF Bay Area, specifically in the East Bay city of Concord.  Easy to get to from anywhere in Northern California for a one on one course.  Keep in mind however, your location is relative as we can do any of this in person or via Zoom, Skype, MS Teams or many other downloadable platforms.  We can even do some skills virtually. 

When travel is safer I am willing to come to you.  I have traveled to teach as far away as Fairbanks, Alaska from my Northern California home. 

Dr. Jim where is your Course Calendar or scheduled courses list located?

Ready Enterprises does not have a set calendar of classes.  Class scheduling depends on you the client.  I am flexible to both our needs.  Flexible scheduling means I will schedule a course based on your needs and my availability.  If you have a group of up to six we can do it in Concord if it is a larger group or your out of the area I can come to you and we can discuss this. 

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