ACLS – Experienced Provider  

Are you absolutely sick of doing the same class every two years for a skill you use several times a week or even a shift in some places.  Is ACLS Update a boring course because you have to take it every two years for 8-long hours or are you sick of dealing with the blended learning and not getting any feedback when you go in for a skills assessment?

Then this alternative to the ACLS Update is absolutely just for you.  

I know this is the class you and your colleagues have been waiting for.  I was absolutely so tired of just going to class and parroting the material over and over.  If you haven’t put off getting your Update for this cycle and you are looking for something new, then this is the class!

Get several of your friends together and let’s do ACLS EP.  Case reviews and thoughtful discussions instead of the same old review of protocols.  This is a class where you can ask why and discuss your thoughts and ideas in an environment where you can learn the best reasons for doing what it is we do when patients are in pre-arrest, full-arrest or post-arrest.

I know you will love this class!

The class is only $245.00!!!

AHA Policy regarding text books…

AHA policy states you must have a book.  The prices of my courses do not include books or online activation keys.
If you need a book, you may choose from one of the three authorized AHA Materials retailers.  The AHA has mandated that their books and educational materials be priced the same by all three retailers, so shopping will not reveal a better price anywhere.  Unauthorized retailers offering discounts often are selling dated materials.  Be sure you get the right book.  With the 2015 update and changes the introduction of an e-book option became available.  It is your choice to have the ebook or a standard paper book as long as you have a book.  It is common practice for many facilities and services to have these books available to borrow for courses, however it is doubtful they will have the ACLS EP book.  If you have a resource you may certainly bring a borrowed book if you wish.

A Steadfast Rule

For the Experienced Provider Course you will need your successful test completion certificate before we begin instruction and skills testing.

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