Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Course options

Let me start with the fact I am price competitive to all of the other providers in the SF Bay Area and it is likely my prices are cheaper than many…

That said if you wish to commission me for a course at your site, practice or facility or simply for yourself please fill out the contact form.

Once you share your needs and number of students I will offer a multiple student booking rate.  You will absolutely save money and hassle you simply need to provide the venue.

The standard two well known courses

A full 2-day (16-hour) PALS Course is $275.00

A 1-day (8-hour) PALS Update Course is $245.00


I also offer the “Skills-Checks.”  This is known as the HeartCode series. 

A 1/2-day (4-hour) PALS HeartCode Skills Course is $175.00

You must purchase the HeartCode online materials and bring a proof of completion  with you to the in person skills class. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to enroll – be sure to read everything about pretests and books so you are not caught by surprise.

Provider Cards
American Heart Association provider cards are produced by my training center and are mailed within two weeks of your course completion.
If you need proof of course completion prior to receiving your card a letter affirming your participation and course completion can be provided for a nominal fee.
AHA Policy regarding text books…
AHA policy states you must have a book.  The prices of my courses do not include books or online activation keys.  If you need a book, you may choose from one of the three authorized AHA Materials retailers.  The AHA has mandated that their books and educational materials be priced the same by all three retailers, so shopping will not reveal a better price anywhere.  Unauthorized retailers offering discounts often are selling dated materials.  Be sure you get the right book.  With the 2015 update and changes the introduction of an e-book option became available.  It is your choice to have the ebook or a standard paper book as long as you have a book.  It is common practice for many facilities and services to have these books available to borrow for courses.  Please start with your facility or service to see if you can borrow a book.

For the two HeartCode Courses my price does not include the key to activate the online material.  The keys are available from the AHA Shop CPR Store


The Steadfast Rules
You must have a book and a completed pretest in hand before we begin instruction for any of the lecture based courses.

For the HeartCode Courses you will need to bring your successful completion certificate to take the skills portion.

American Heart Association – Pretest Links

(You must complete the pretest that corresponds to your chosen course in order to take the course.)

PALS Precourse self-assessment

Links to AHA Shop CPR Store

PALS Provider Manual Textbook

AHA eBook PALS Provider Manual

AHA Heartcode PALS Part 1-Online