CQI Consulting

Sentinel Event Investigation and Re-education Services

Has your facility or service had a sentinel event that you need investigated objectively such that prospective improvements to patient care can be initiated?

I will not simply come into your facility or service and point a finger at the accused and say, “bad clinician!”  I will take a third party object view at the documentation from the event and subsequent to the event.  I will observe your clinicians in their duties and find the consistencies and habituation and render an opinion regarding the sentinel event and design a re-education plan and a course of action to prevent the same type of sentinel event from reoccurring.

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Below are some of the choices of the service level you can retain Ready Enterprises to provide.  Details of the level of the service will be included in the Ready Enterprises proposal and will be refined and customized to your particular incident.

  • A comprehensive documentation review 
  • A work practices review
  • A  guideline and policy amendment 
  • Facilitated re-education for the primary offender 
  • Facilitated re-education for the clinical staff


EMS and Fire - EMS Documentation Review and Education Services

I can be retained to provide educational services and documentation review for the patient care side of your agency. 

Contracted services include but are not limited to…

  • Following the standardized 24-month fire EMS curriculum
  • Establishing a standardized 24-month fire EMS curriculum
  • Mandatory or Random documentation review and re-education following the guidelines set forth in the Continuous Quality Improvement Plan
  • Writing a Continuous Quality Improvement Plan
  • Specialized education as set forth by the regulatory agency
  • Periodic clinical observation and one on one time with personnel

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I look forward to assisting your learning.