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Dr. Brasiel, just a little bit about me…

For a little more than a quarter of a century I have had the distinct pleasure of being a healthcare educator. I have spent just over three decades providing prehospital care: beginning in high school as a student Athletic Trainer, with advanced first-aid and first responder certificates under my belt a career was born.  In college I became an EMT and began working on an ambulance.  By the time I graduated with my undergrad degree I was working 72-hours a week on the ambulance as a supervisor.  I attended paramedic school and continued working in prehospital care.  At this point in my career I was teaching several AHA and NAEMT courses while continuing to work on the ambulance.

My Theories on Teaching

It is my belief that learning should be made fun, interesting and realistic.  It is my deep love of medicine and teaching that makes me a  passionate “edu-tainer.”  When I present a course I make every effort to combine the real-world sense of tension and urgency as I educate others how to make a difference for their patients. I have always done this in the most entertaining way possible.If I can make an audience relax and laugh I can make a lasting educational impression.  Part of teaching is stage presence and the ability to command a room.