Specialty Courses

ACLS & PALS for Medical & Dental Practices and Free Standing Surgical & Specialty Clinics

Does your practice or clinic provide conscious sedation or procedural sedation?  All of your patient care staff should be required to maintain an ACLS & PALS provider level certification.  Since patient safety is a concern for all medical providers.  As many of us have come to expect litigation simply happens to the best clinicians and facilities.  Without a standardized certification to prove that a standard of care was followed you are at risk.  Regulatory agencies recommend having standardized and uniform training requirements. What it boils down to is this; your patients deserve the best trained clinicians.

Why not have me come in and provide training to your technicians, nurses and physicians.  I am happy to provide you with a competitive bid, that spells out all that I offer in a comprehensive package of training.  Let me satisfy all of your ACLS & PALS needs.

Course delivery can occur in part before or after work hours over several days.  I provide a customized delivery of material that will incorporate your specific practice area to make the learning environment applicable to the student’s actual work situation.  The core material is unchanged and all of the AHA rules are followed.

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Specialized Presentations in the Health Sciences & Medicine

You pick the topic and I prepare a 60 to 90-minute lecture and discussion.  Sounds dry and boring doesn’t it?  No, not at all! In fact, I will make the presentation insightful and engaging while keeping entertaining.  I consider myself an “edu-tainer,” that is I believe that we learn when we are being entertained more that lectured to or more accurately lecture at.

Select any topic of interest current event or not.  I will provide background and information and engage your group in a discussion of the subject.  I use a Socratic teaching style and can direct the topic toward any level of understanding from the most experienced medical provider to the lay person.  From junior high school to the better than octogenarian.  

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Non-traditional Course Presentations

AHA ACLS and PALS committee’s do not require that we start at Eight or Nine in the morning and go to five or six in the evening.  The NAEMT and the PHTLS Committee just advise that the course length is 8-hours per day.  That’s the magic number offer the course with enough time to master the skills and the materials in a testing environment.  Consider when the 8-hour clock starts.  Could it start at 10:30 or 11:00AM?  Perhaps..?

Have you ever considered that you could host an ACLS or PALS Update Barbecue or Potluck Party?  What about PHTLS and a Chili Cook-off with prizes?  Your imagination can go wild with this.  The caveat is that it must be an alcohol free event to support a learning environment.

What about three evenings in a row?  A dinner or dessert party over a few nights for ACLS or PALS Update...   same idea as the barbecue but each evening a different home and subject for ACLS or PALS Update

Here’s how to facilitate this…

You provide the food and non-alcoholic beverages and I will provide the educational entertainment.  It is very simple if you decide that you would like to have me present an ACLS or PALS Update in a non-threatening environment why not your living room or backyard.  My equipment is portable and we can watch the videos on your TV.

It is time that we all need to start to think outside of the standard box when it comes to adult learning.  Let’s make it fun and memorable – not stressful and sad!

Just consider the other courses this will work all of the 8-hour variety of courses.

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